Art Multiple is open for business!

So, wow! Yes, we are excited over here!

There are a lot of people to thank, but above all - for your vision, passion,  wit,  power, beauty - thank you, participating artists.   

Thank you, Adam Cvijanovic, Amanda Church, Andrew Schoultz, Anne Senstad, Beverly Fishman, Brenda Zlamany, B. Wurtz, Carl D'Alvia, Cary Smith, David Humphrey, Doug Henders, Elliott Green, Eric Brown, Farrell Brickhouse, Gary Petersen, Golnaz Fathi, Guy Richards Smit, Ibrahim Ahmed, Jackie Saccoccio, Jessica Rankin, Joanne Greenbaum, John O'Connor, Joseph Nechvatal, Julien Gardair, Katherine Bradford, Kim Keever, Loren Munk, Lucio Pozzi, Matthew Weinstein, Natalie Westbrook, Nick Payne, Nicole Awai, Paul Pagk, Rebecca Chamberlain, Reed Anderson, Richard Caldicott, Richard Dupont, Sarah Walker, Stephen Pusey, Steve Miller, and Rafael Vargas-Suarez/ Vargas-Suarez Universal.

Art Multiple brings together the work of leading visual artists with affordable and widely used products, such as apparel and home furnishings.  AM about is building new platforms and new opportunities at the intersection of creativity and commerce. We hope you enjoy the site! 


Team AM